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The infrastructure to tell better stories

Langrand's clients work in complex industries with challenges that are seldom straightforward and often confidential. Using a think tank approach that fuses strategy, branding and design, they partner with companies to find solutions that are forward-looking, business-sound and human-centered. I was tasked with developing a CraftCMS site that enabled them to tell their stories.

Device-specific image settings

Using the Imager plugin and CraftCMS's native functionality, I developed the functionality for the user to select and create different size images for different device sizes, each with its own aspect ratio. Doing so, added flexibility to the design making each page less cookie cutter. For example, it was useful for displaying taller images on mobile and wider images on desktop.

Interactive components & subtle animations

Working closely with Langrand's design team, I developed many interactive components to expand menus and content and subtle page content loading animations that play on scroll.

My role

  • Website Development
  • CraftCMS
  • Interactive Design

Client/Design Team

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